Air Jordan History

Before the arrival of Air Jordan, all basketball shoes appeared in white. Once Michael Jordan entered the league it makes a significant transformation in the game and the industry. In every year a new Jordan is introduced to the market. The higher standards in design, innovation, and performance of Air Jordan made a position in sales and demand.
Air Jordans is a brand of basketball footwear and athletic clothing produced by Nike. Air Jordans was created for former professional basketball player Michael Jordan the greatest player in the history of basketball in 1984. It is designed in the colorway that never gets old. Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore are the creative members who developed the shoes for Nike.

Air Jordan Classifications

A wide variety of 32 type designs are established in the market. The Air Jordan 1 wasn’t the first basketball sneaker, not by a long shot, but it was the first basketball sneaker that transcended basketball while it was still new. The color of Jordan expressed the idea of having ‘something different, something exciting, and low to the ground. Peter C designed the Air Jordan 1 for Michael Jordan in 1984. The national basketball commissioner David Stern outlawed the red and black colorway of the Nike airship made a misconception that the Jordan 1 was banned. After the banning process, Michael Jordan and Nike introduced the Air Jordan 1 as the Chicago white and black toe colorway, and they used the banning as a promotion tool – Nike through ads, Jordan through his play. The Air Jordan I shoes made a significant influence on children also. Peter Moore said that “I am somewhat surprised by the staying power of the Jordan1. It seems every new generation of kids has to try it, almost as if they discovered it.”

For the new basketball season, Nike was introduced a fresh air Jordan made by Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore, named Air Jordan II was made in Italy. The success of the Air Jordan I encouraged Nike to build air Jordan II. It was the first Jordan not to have the Nike swoosh on the upper. The Air Jordan II was initially retailed at $100.

Tinker Hatfield who works for Nike as a designer for stores and offices was designed Air Jordan III in the year 1988 giving a luxury look. At that point, Michael Jordan was prepared to leave Nike, yet the Jordan III changed his mind. These were said to be Michael Jordan’s favorite shoes. Air Jordan III was the first Jordans shoe to feature the “NIKE AIR” logo on the back, later it is replaced by the Jumpman logo, with the words “AIR” underneath it, similar to the Air Jordan VI.2007 is an important year in the career of Air Jordan III. First, the Air Jordan brand collaborated with the director spirk lee to introduce a limited pair on the blue-yellow poster for his new film. It again reintroduced the version of Air Jordan III in all black and all white. In the same year, it also had the “Flips” which moved the elephant print from the trim to the entire shoe and replacing it with white leather.
Air Jordan IV was the first Air Jordan released on the global market with four colorways – White/ Black-Cement Grey, Black/Cement. It was published in the year of 1989. When Michael Jordan made “The Shot,” in Game 5 of the 1989 NBA First Round between the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Air Jordan IV was on Jordan’s feet.
Michale Jordans is the main reason for the success of Air Jordan. When he reached the basketball, it made a big shake in the industry also. There is no other athlete on Earth than Michale Jordan who even comes close. He’s been out of the game for close to ten years and is still makes more money than anyone else in sneaker endorsements. In 2011 Michael Jordan cashed $60 million worth of checks written by Phil Knight. Before Jordan’s arrival, Nike was a struggling running company geared towards white people. If you look into their archives, you will see that all of their sneakers and advertising reflects this.
During its first year on the market, the Air Jordan 1 sold nearly $130 million. By 1990 sales reached $200 million. In 1997 Jordan became its own sub-brand of Nike and in 2007 sales reached $800 million. In 2009 Jordan Brand hit $1 billion in retail sales and by 2011 Jordan Brand wholesale numbers alone reached $1 billion. Today Jordan holds more than 70% market share in basketball.

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