//Air Jordan and Eminem

Air Jordan and Eminem

Nike not only managed to tie popular Basket Ball player but also many famous figures have collaborated with Jordan brand. Eminem is the rap god in the rap world. In the name of Eminem and Air Jordan, there are few rare collections, some are worth more than $30,000. Apart from Eminem and Jordan, there is a series of shoes with Nike and Eminem as well. Let’s check out the rare Eminem-Jordan collaborations below:

Air Jordan 4 Encore

The Air Jordan 4 “Encore” is a unique Blue/Black/Red colorway made for family and friends of Eminem. The Eminem Encore addition was around only 50 pairs made initially for friends and family, and never released for public.

The Encore re-released in 2017 with only 23 pairs for family and friends again, but only one shoe which has kept in an auction in StockX and the money raised is donated for charity foundation called “Marshall Mathers Foundation”, which supports communities in Detroit area. Out of 23 pairs, Michael Jordan got the first pair and second got auctioned, remaining is with Eminem’s close circle.

The Encore’s, Eminem tag can be seen behind the tongue of the shoe. The shoe features the Jumpman logo.

Air Jordan Retro 2 ‘The Way I Am’

The Air Jordan 2 “The Way I Am” Features a Black, Grey and Red colorway with various lyrics from Eminem’s song. Released on 18th December 2008 with the limited edition, only 313 pairs were made. The “313” is pin code of Detroit which is Hometown of Eminem. The shoe features lyrics of the Eminem’s song and “E” on the tongue. The shoe is very difficult to find because of the rarity and price will be anywhere between $5000 to $10,000 in auctions. Be careful with forfeits, and buy only from genuine sources if you find one of these.

The original Air Jordan 2 was released in 1986, “The Way I Am” features similar design but a unique and rare colorway.

Air Jordan 4 Eminem ‘Carhartt’

The Air Jordan IV Eminem Carhartt is one of the rarest Jordan ever produced. Released in 2015 with very rare colorway for only Eminem close circle. But only 10 pairs were kept for auction on eBay. Later, the money raised will be donated for charity. The sneaker Carhartt is the Eminem’s third collaboration with Air Jordan brand. The design is definitely unique and very rare. The shoe includes the Shady XV logo for the anniversary, as well as the Jason Voorhees mask and backward E, an Eminem’s brand symbol. On eBay, the average price auctioned of the sneaker is around $22,755. The highest being size 9 with the price tag of $30,100 and the lowest is size 7, $18,750. The Eminem Carhartt Air Jordan IV raised a total of $227,552. The shoe features translucent outsole, Jumpman logo on the tongue, leather interior, and waxed lace as well.