//Air Jordan Fusion’s

Air Jordan Fusion’s

Fusion is not a word which is unfamiliar for society nowadays. We live in the society where we don’t love the originals instead is in search of the new experiments by mixing, collaborating, merging or blending the originals of entirely different entities to invent new tastes in each and every field. Some of the fusions that are done very successful are films { perfect fusion of sound and image}, fusion cuisines, jazz fusion etc. The word fusion originated in the 16th century from Latin word fundere which means the process of joining one or two things into one entity.

Since fusion experimented in all walks of life Air Jordan primarily known as the Jordan brand also made some fusion works with its some editions. The Jordan tale has its rich history rooted three decades back when designer Peter Moore made its first shoes for the famous basketball player Michael Jordan in the year 1984. In that time Jordan was not a renowned brand in the market but later when the years passed it has flourished itself and took over the market with the hashtag of Nike on it.

Some of the fusion wears introduced by Jordan brand in the market are as follows:


There were a lot of retro and fusions created by Jordan brand but this fusion is the one came up with an outbreak in the market, the most striking feature made it stand out was being the first sneaker to be combined with other shoes that too the classic Nike Air Force Ones. It was a much sturdy and more appealing look giving statement wear for a shoe lover.

The Air Jordan XII Air Force One Fusion was released on January 5th of 2008. It was a perfect combination of Air Jordan XII with the classy iconic Nike Air Force Ones and retailed in the market for a price of $145.

As a blend, it had both the ways presented in its best. The elemental model was that of iconic Nike Air Force Ones and the first quarter of the shoes acquired from the Air Jordan Fusion XII model. The upper length leather was designed as the AJ XII model Japanese rising star Flag (two half hemispheres). The sole and mid straps again borrowed the style from Nike Air Force and the heel from the finger loop design from AJ XII. The edition is available in the market with two colorways white/black taxi. First, the customers were not much pleased by the new fusion work but later got a huge acceptance and outshine in the market well.


Air Jordan 3 was released in the year 1988 with the fine touch of designer Tinker Hatfield. The edition was a signature piece from the Jordan lane. So blending it with the Nike Air Force Ones will only come up with a unique engineered model.

The sneaker had its upper length with white leather and elephant prints on its heel, toes and lace holes which are a reflection of the major edition Air Jordan Fusion III. As midsole and outsole had influence from Nike Air Force One it had a small piece of signature of AJ III on it as the air sole unit on the sole. With the two having its perfect proportion the fusion was a perfect hit in the market. It was available in a number of colorways some are common and some were uncommon too. And available for a retail price of $175. As a whole, it is a perfect add on for the everyday men and women on the move.


Air Jordan V Air Force One Fusion was again a perfect mix of the two best sneakers of all time to one shoe.

The upper part and the tongue was borrowed from the Air Jordan Fusion V with the mesh on sides stitched with 23 and tongue with the jump man logo on the top. The underside of the tongue was also embroidered with words best of both worlds. Front quarter and strap were influenced by the Nike Air Force One model. The sole was again a perfect add on from the side of Nike Air Force I with the sunburst design from Air Jordan V.

The shoes were featured in thirteen colorways and considering kids in this edition kids sizes was also in the market.


A fusion of the Air Jordan VI with the Nike Air Force One to give away a more reliable and a high performer shoe in the market.

The other features which accompanied the edition for the perfect performance and edginess are sculpted midsole, Vis air heel cushioning which was taken from the Air Jordan Fusion 6 and the outsole from the very unique classy Nike Air Force One. The comfortability was given more care in the newest version by the addition to the base model as inner booty sleeve, lace locks, a toe cap, and a molded heel tab.

The shoe featured in multiple colorways, First pairs of shoes had retro colorway and the original colorway of Air Jordan 6. More attractive colorway in the collection is the hot lava colorway, The shoe was retailed in the market for $160.


The outcome of Jordan fusions are always jaw dropping and will be a perfect mix bringing down the best in them to one. This fusion edition is really a most needed statement for a fanatic.

The model as a whole is moreover a reflection of the Nike Air Force 1. The first quarter was borrowed from the Nike Air Force 1 and the quarter panels area wept out a model of Air Jordan 20 which have laser stitched jump man logo in the foreground. The inside features are more foot-friendly foam lining for comfort and a TPU pull tab at the heel. The midsole comprises a full-length Air unit on top of the outsole which got its fine detailing from Nike Air Force 1.

The futuristic look of the fusion gives real confidence for the Jordan brand to come up with more fusion shoes on its way.


The Air Jordan IV Air Force One Fusion in black/ red was released in the global market in August 2009. As the air Jordan fusion 4 which was released globally, the fusion edition was also debuted the same.

Due to its fine detailing it was one of the hybrids which got a good recognition among the Jordan lovers. The aesthetic elements it took from the Air Jordan Fusion 4 and Nike Air Force One made it an outstanding statement. The Jump man logo of Michael Jordan was stitched in the tongue. The upper length was black laser designed and in addition, it had a translucent midsole.

All this ensures the new fusion wear a standard place in the market.


The striking feature regarding the Air Jordan VIII was it weighed more than any other sneakers in the Jordan fusion edition lane.

The hybrid Air Jordan VIII Air Force One Fusion new shoes is a perfect blend of the Air Jordan VIII on the upper length with an Air Force 1 midsole and outsole. The spring edition came up with the original colorways of Air Jordan VIII Fusion. The colorways which featured are black, bright concord, Aquatone and Dark charcoal.


Jordan brand was creating a milestone in the section of its fusion wears by outstanding fusions with its originals to move along with the taste of the society. Through the blending of two sneakers, they give rise to new entity shoes to mesmerize its customers.

The first colorway of this fusion features white, black and red.


As Jordan brand has introduced a lot of fusions in the market it was very determined in the field of blending its originals with other classy sneakers to give it a new touch.

These sneakers came up with white/ black light steel Grey colorway. It features all the aesthetic elements from Air Jordan X and Nike Air Force One. The upper base including the strap and toe like is borrowed from the Air Jordan Fusion X. The midsole resembles the classy Nike Air Force One. The steel colorway has a Jordan Brand encrypted on the strap. The classic touch of black and white patterned inner lining enhanced its look. The outsole has a striped pattern in steel, grey, and black.


Air Jordan always came up with a different eye on fusion wear this time the fusion was made by the combination of Air Jordan XIII and Air Force One. The fusion featured the original colorway of black/ varsity red-white.

The midsole was a reflection of Air Force One. But in the dimpled overlays and circular hologram, Jordan brand had given its popular touch.