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Air Jordan Logo

Jumpman logo was not actually the  Air Jordan logo from its start but the winged logo. Even Nike introduced the shoes in the name of banned it made some sort of profit in the market but the shoes which made the real impression of the Jordan in the market is Air Jordan III. The first two editions had the winged logo on them. The winged logo was a creation from the signature shoe designer Peter Moore himself. Actually, the incident that paved the way for the winged logo was from a simple incident. According to him in a  statement regarding the logo designing, he clearly states that. the winged logo got its wings to fly as Jordan shoes reputed logo was some sort of simple story. Once the Nike chairman Rob Strasser and Peter Moore were flying back after meeting David Falk the Michael Jordan agent. An idea flashed through Moore as he saw a boy with the captain wings on his shirt which was given by the air hostess. Moore also asked for the captain wings from hostess which was made of plastic. He started to draw the design on his napkin which later became the brands’ logo “the winged logo”. The winged logo got the privilege to be the part of Air Jordan’s I &II editions. But later this winged logo was replaced by the most praised Jumpman logo. The logo seemed to be more fortunate and futuristic appealing.

The concept of the Jumpman logo had some hidden secrets. The Jumpman design was adopted as the logo through some sort of stealing from the original photographer without his permission. Actually, Michael Jordan was a gifted player from his college days. Itself. Before becoming the player in Chicago Bulls he played for the team USA in 1984 Olympic Games. On that time he gave a photoshoot for the LIFE magazine which later paved the way for Air Jordan to adapt the design as their logo. Again we can see that there are rumors that the photographer gave case against the brand for taking his photograph has their logo without his permission. But after sometime we can find that the case was called off by the person as it was settled with a great remuneration. So after that without any background score problems, the Jumpman logo which was just a hangtag in the first two editions of the Air Jordan got a more reputed position as the great Air Jordan’s prestigious logo.

Later Nike fixed the problem more clearly by taking Michael Jordan for another photoshoot by wearing a pair of Jordan shoes and he was asked to perform the same pose again with their shoes. So Michael Jordan again Jumped to the rim of the basket with the ball in his hands in a ballet pose with his legs apart. With the pair of Jordan sneakers. This photo became the Air Jordan II I’s hallmarked design logo.

Air Jordan III was also famous has it is the first sneakers from Air Jordan that came with some lifestyle structure of elephant prints and the signature Nike air cushioning. And last but not the least it is the first shoe to feature the Jumpman logo on the tongue.

Once the winged logo was removed from the Air Jordan edition line ups by the advent of Jumpman logo it did not appear on the shoes for many years. But later the logo set a comeback in the Air Jordan XXXII. But the Jumpman remains the international reputed logo of Air Jordan till now.