//How to Identify the Fake Jordan Shoes

How to Identify the Fake Jordan Shoes

Fake Jordan

Air Jordan is the most reputed and carries the legacy of Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player in the history of NBA. Air Jordan shoes generally released in limited edition (All Air Jordan models and retroes) and hence Jordan shoes always attacked by fake shoemakers. Some of the Air Jordan models are sold 10x the price of the Nike store. Nowadays it is very difficult to identify the fake ones, and they are made very carefully. Check out the few tips to identify the counterfeits Jordans.

The important factor to be considered is the quality of the material. The leather quality of fake shoes can be identified easily by simply pressing a finger on top of it. Real Jordan doesn’t have any impressions, but fake one does. The cutting of the raw material is very neat in real ones when you look carefully. The edges of the fake Jordans are messed up, but in the real ones, the edges are well cut and taken care.

The next important and easy thing while spotting the replica is to look for incorrect spelling on top of the box. There will be one or two letters interchanged and it might be difficult to spot. Also, the box will be completely crushed or not in proper shape. But in the real Jordan, the box will be in perfect shape with all the information correctly spelled. Check the model number or style number, which is usually 9 digits long and the number should match with the color and texture mentioned in the Nike website.

Check the logo on top of the box, shoes, and sole. It should be a perfect Jumpman logo. On counterfeits the logo will not be in proper shape, sometimes the logo will be completely different one or logo will not be the incorrect position. The clarity of the real logo will be very good. Careful observation will reveal the counterfeits logos. Other many factors like lace, quality of stitching will be excellent in the real Jordan. In counterfeits, the thread will come out or the spacing between the stitch will not be even. The color of the sole should match with the specification mentioned in the Nike site. In counterfeits, the materials of sole will be poor and sometimes it not be intact. Check for the tag inside the Jordan shoes, usually, it will be on the back side of the tongue. The smell test also works sometimes. An expert who knows about Jordan can identify by its smells. Since the counterfeits are made of poor quality materials and it smells differently.

Fake Jordan

The last fact to be checked is the Price. If the price of the Jordan sneaker is very less when compared to market price, then it is obviously a fake one. This test does not require knowledge of Jordan shoes. Simply check for the price in Nike store online, if the price difference is too much then you are buying a counterfeit one. Stay away from aliexpress or any other Chinese online stores. Those online sites have huge fake Jordans shoes, avoid buying from the Chinese stores.