//Inside The Michael Jordan Mansion, Chicago

Inside The Michael Jordan Mansion, Chicago

Michael Jordan with his original name Michael Jeffery Jordan was born in Brooklyn New York on February 17, 1963. He is a well-known basketball player, an Olympic athlete, and an actor. As a sportsman, his first love was basketball from an early age. Five times winner of the NBA’s most valuable player title and Chicago Bulls all-star game rookie star have a net worth estimated at $1 billion.

Being a tireless quick learner he gained a firm honour in the basketball game. In the early school days, he worked out tirelessly to become a good player. The giant also played for the US men’s Olympic basketball team before he shakes his hands with the Chicago bulls His determination and hard work blending with his basketball skills and acrobatic moves lead the Chicago Bulls to three successive world championships. He also received the prestigious title of the finest basketball player in the NBA history which gave him an outrageous net worth in returns.

Michael Jordan is estimated with a net worth of $1000 million. The talented player also has enormous endorsements including coca cola, Chevrolet, Ball Park Franks, Rayovac, Gatorade, McDonald’s, Wheaties, Hanes, and MC. The billionaire also owns a bunch of luxury estates including his Bears club home, Miami estate, Charlotte penthouse, Architectural Estates and a number of restaurants. Being an NBA player has fetched him a good fortune of $90.2 million as a salary itself.

His enormous wealth has to lead him to own sprawling houses to custom planes and also owning a golf course. The millionaire player also owns a bunch of plush estates including Bears Club Home, Miami Estate, Charlotte Penthouse, Chicago Mansion, Architectural Estates and a number of restaurants. Among them, Michael Jordan’s huge Chicago mansion is always in the top lines of the real estate market for the last six years. Even its authenticity and the legends fame have always made the mansion on the top headlines. In recent years, the mansion is very much discussed for its real estate deals as the legend is ready to sell it out for a whopping amount of $29 million which is the highest priced public listing in Chicago. But the enormous amount of price tag on the luxury mansion made it fail twice in the auctions. Despite the two fails and cutting the price to half still Michael Jordan stands high in the annual property taxes with an outrageous amount of $100,000.

Jordan and his wife Juanita moved to the custom designed home in north suburban Highland Park in 1995 and raised their three kids there till their divorce in 2006.

Even though the legend of the basketball announced the retirement twice and at last ended up with the ownership of the Charlotte Hornets in 2006. After that in 2012, he listed his home for $29 million. But failed in the market auctions repeatedly. After all the cut-down prices and the marketing tricks, the mansion still remains unsold.

The mansion is a 56,000 square foot sprawling foot pad and was the legend’s residence for over 20 years. It’s immaculately set on 7.39 acres just north of Chicago. The mansion is the ultimate word for privacy and luxury along with the glorious architecture. It includes a living space of 9 bedrooms, 15 full and 4 half bathrooms and a regulation size NBA quality basketball court which is fully fenced up with the 150 mature evergreen spruce trees for added privacy. Before entering the front door we have 15 spacious parking slots and three separate climates controlled multi-car garages. The guest dorms just count the size of many traditional homes with three bedrooms, a huge bathroom, a living room, and a gourmet kitchen. The dream home entrance gate has a giant 23 engraved on it which was always significant in his basketball days as the jersey number worn by the legend during his games as a Chicago Bulls player.

The NBA regulation-sized indoor basketball court features astonishing cushioned hardwood floors, flexible baskets, high-intensity lighting and admirable sound system which makes it a perfect statement of recreation facility in the mansion. c Along with the basketball court a full fitness centre also functions in the huge mansion which is fully stocked up and called MJ’s personal workout equipment. The Black cat’s retreat cushion is all of a new level. It can be called as a billiards parlour with a large drop-down screen, library, and fully decorated bar. The entranceways are iconic to the Chicago Mansion. The recreation area of the mansion includes an outdoor swimming pool, an outdoor tennis court, a deep water pond, golfing ground, card and cigar room with its own walk-in humidor, 500 bottle wine cellar. The tasting room, children’s playground and fully equipped beauty salon.