//Michael Jordan Olympic Legacy

Michael Jordan Olympic Legacy

Michael Jordan the former basketball player was a determined and professionally passionate player in the court. He was not only a mere player in the basketball games but he was a segment of history in the basketball game. His strong mind and mentally tough nature have gained him a lot of admiring titles in his life. Jordan’s confidence has made him what he is now. Being born in as a fourth child in a family where his father is a mechanic and mother a banker who doesn’t have any sports background he made himself to the great player of all time through hard work and strong will.
His life was not a marbled path he had a lot of hurdles in the early period of his life when the sportsman in him was born. From childhood, he idolized his brother who always defeated him in the ball game. Due to undersized Jordan was deemed in the junior varsity team selection process. But this didn’t stop Jordan from practicing He recklessly worked hard to achieve his first love the basketball. After growing 4 inches Michael got a chance to play in the Senior McDonald’s all American game by attaining 30 points as a whole and 27 points on an average. After the game, he showed up on numerous games teaming with the Dukes, North Carolina, Syracuse, and Virginia.

On 1981 he got a basketball scholarship and moved to North Carolina where he practiced under coach Dean Smith and was honored by the title ACC Freshman of the year .in 1982 he played championship against Georgetown. In the games, he did his world famous jump shot which was really a turning point in his life. He also played three seasons for North Carolina by attaining an average point of 17 in the court. In this time he achieved the titles of Naismith and Wooden college player of the year. The tall giant also played for the U.S Men’s Olympic basketball team before teaming with Chicago Bulls. In 1984 he was voted as the Rookie player in the NBA all-star game. His basketball skills and acrobatic moves helped Chicago Bulls to three successive championships and Michael Jordan got a nickname Air Jordan. Later he was also honored by the title of NBA Most valuable award five times.

His skilled hard work paid off as he got a whopping amount endorsement from the brand Nike which was such an offer and facelift for a player like him who was not much flourished in the field. This has turned into a major turning point in his career. The offer of Nike to design a signature sneaker and cloth line which makes him stand out from the other players to have great importance in his life.

Jordan appeared in the Olympics two times in the year 1984 and 1992. Once as a college player and the other as an NBA star as a member of the original dream team. Michael Jordan who is regarded as the preeminent professional basketball player of all time fetched the gold medal twice in the Olympics.

In the year 1984 at the age of 21 Jordan without any NBA players on the roster, Jordan led the US team in scoring an average of 17 points per game in Los Angeles. In three games Jordan was the team lead in points including the gold medal game where he scored 20 points. The team remained undefeated throughout the tournament and was a strong appeal for holding the gold medal. An important fact about this tournament was that it was the first time the basketball world got a chance to see the rising star in the basketball game.

Eight years later in Barcelona in the year 1992 he got his second Olympic gold by teaming with the dream team in Barcelona he also became the highest scorer of the team with an average score of 14.9. it was hard to describe the team because it was the first time NBA players were admitted in the Olympic games and with Jordan, it was a mighty team with a golden sword. Towards the hardest rival Croatia Jordan lead the team and he scored 21 points in the first round game and 22 in the gold medal contest.
Jordan is the only player who wins the two Olympic gold medals in men’s basketball game. On October 6, 1993, he announced his retirement from the basketball and joined the Chicago White Sox on February 7, 1994. But later he made a come back to his lost love and joined the bulls which were really a boost for the basketball world. But later in 1999 he again made a second retirement but later continued as the co-owner and president of Washington Wizards in NBA.

In the year 2001, Michael Jordan made one more come back to play for the Washington wizard and to donate his salary for the victims of the September 11 attacks. He made numerous records in basketball history and always been an inspiration for the youngsters who love basketball. The legendary NBA player retired from the game in 2003 after playing his last game with Philadelphia receiving three-minute standing applause from his team, the opponents and 21257 fans present in the grounds. He still remains esteem admired player in basketball history.