//Most Expensive Air Jordan

Most Expensive Air Jordan

Air Jordan an innovative brand in the shoe industry has always come up with a hand full of signature wears in each year. The sneaker heads are always eager to buy the brand shoes this has always been an inspiration for the brand to make new silhouettes without compromise in the style, performance, and comfort. The Jump man had a very thriving history which was dated three decades back. The first impression of the shoes on the grounds was not a welcoming one. And the brand fortune was triggered on signing Michael Jordan who was a rookie player in the NBA all-star game. It was a beautiful chapter in the brand’s history as well as the player’s life. Both outshined in their fields. After Jordan’s signature wear of 1985 the brand never looked back. As the Jordan line ups which came in the years was always a hit in the market. And there were not many competitors in the basketball industry at that time. Jordan was the first brand to make experiments and new innovations in the field of basketball sneakers.

In the brand line ups, there are many expensive signature pieces. There are many Jordan editions which have jaw-dropping beefed up prices that the normal man could not afford for sneaker shoes. Some of the expensive ones in Jordan history are as follows

1. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game $140,000

Air Jordan 12 Flu game was designed by the all-time signature designer Tinker Hatfield to celebrate one of the victories made by Michael Jordan in his game. It was an iconic game that happened for him because he played the game with the flu symptoms but in midst of all this, he won the game 5 in 1997 NBA games by gaining 38 points for Chicago Bulls.

It stays very truthful to the OG version with its tumbled black leather and varsity red on the mudguard and outsole. After the game Michael Jordan gave the shoes to the Delta center ball boy Preston Truman who later through eBay auctioned it for $5000, 15 bids later it was sold for a handsome amount of $140,000.

2. Air Jordan 10 OVO Drake Collection $100,000

In late 2013, the sneakers were released by collaborating with the famous Toronto rapper Drake. Together with the Drake, the brand introduced two sneakers the OVO x Jordan 10 and 12. The two sneakers hit the market in two different colorways black and white respectively. A very limited number of shoes was given to drake and the inner circle of the concert.

Later the shoes were given to the fans and they even got Drake’s shoe itself they sold it in the eBay The white one which debuted the market on September 12th, 2015  fetch an amount of $ 20,000 but the black colorway featured on February 13th, 2016 bagged an outrageous amount of $100,000. It was actually a segment or piece of history that he bought so the amount was not a big deal.

3. Air Jordan Silver Shoe Autographed $60,000

Air Jordan is a very renowned brand in the field of sports shoes in the world. So if we get a shoe with the player signed or worn by him during the play can fetch a whopping amount $300 to $2000 and some more than that. The main fact that makes it more precious is each and every piece of it is a part of history.

 Air Jordan silver shoe was a sneaker made of solid silver which weighed about 10      pounds and auctioned by a man named eagles fly at eBay. It was an autographed shoe from Michael Jordan himself so the auctioned amount is a whopping amount of $60,000. It is a very limited edition which was exactly made for Michael Jordan by his wife on his 32nd birthday. She also commissioned a jeweler to silver mold the shoe.    

4. Air Jordan 2 OG $31,000

 After the astounding success of Air Jordan 1 in the market, it was a great challenge for NIKE to make another shoe in its line without losing the popularity. Air Jordan ii was released to heat up the 1986 basketball season. AJ ll was an Italian stallion which got its fine detailing from Italy by designers Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore. The major difference featured by the shoes was it didn’t have the NIKE’S familiar swoosh logo in it. But featured NIKE on its upper length of the heel counter and wing logo as the original Air Jordan I.

The upper length was made of Italian leather mocking the faux of a lizard skin with swooping lines which gave it an unprecedented sports car look. Along with this, it was also complimented with a thick midsole and a nice breezy airline sole making it a foot-friendly statement. Injury prevention was highly addressed in this edition by giving more cushioning and forefoot support. side by side unique heel stability was introduced and thick ankle collars for ankle comfort. Even Though it is not famous among the sneakerheads but one of this piece was sold for a bulky amount of $31,000. Because of its luxury look, AJ ll was re-released many times till 2018.

5. Air Jordan 4 Eminem X Carhartt $30,000

Air Jordan 4 retro was made with collaboration with Eminem and Carhartt to commemorate their 15th anniversary of shady records this pair comes in black and metallic silver.

The design consists of black Carhartt on the upper length with white contrast midsole, The lace system is embellished with silver lace tabs, air cushioning, and grippy grey outsole. There were only 10 pairs made in this edition. Most of them were auctioned in eBay for remarkable prices. The most jaw-dropping happened when one of this piece was sold for a good amount of $30,000.

6. Air Jordan 1 Black and Gold $25,000

Air Jordan I which is the primary member of the Jordan lineups. This shoe kick-started Jordan’s sports shoe dynasty in the year 1985. There were many retros introduced later into the market. Air Jordan 1 Black and Gold is a very limited edition of the Jordan lineups. With only 12 pairs of sneakers.

This came up with white upper with gold and black accents, white midsole, a black sole, and gold Nike swooshes. This edition was introduced and established more in Asia. And because of its ancestor, it was auctioned for a pricy amount of $25,000.

7. Air Jordan 1 ASG $21,780

Air Jordan which has become the startup in the Jordan history did not impress the grounds as well as in the market. But later the banned label worked well and it got enormous recognition. There were a lot of retros made by the brand from the original silhouette made in 1985.

Air Jordan 1 ASG had the Nike Air on its tongue all the traditional features of the original ones. Even these shoes also got a fair amount of $21,780  in the auction as it also had the autograph of Michael Jordan

8. Air Jordan X OVO $20,000

Air Jordan X OVO as also released in two colorways as black and white. It again comes in the Drake collaboration release. The sneakers were featured in Los Angeles in April 2015 along with the black colorway.

 The design features a premium white leather on the upper length with metallic gold stingray skin overlays and a translucent outsole with gold speckled. This white colorway bagged an outrageous amount of $20,000 than the black colorway.

9. Air Jordan 11 Blackout $11,267

Air Jordan 11 Blackout include the Jordan brand 2018 release which debuted in May 2011. It is dressed in three black color scheme. The highly anticipated features include new nubuck upper with black patent leather overlay and blue tinted outsole.

When the first images of the edition were released all the sneakerheads was very crazy and even a pair of the shoes were sold for $11,267.And to date, it remains one of the successful edition.

10. Air Jordan V SE $10,000

Air Jordan V was designed by Tinker Hatfield himself who has already become the prime factor of Jordan fusion designing in the year 1990. It has carried many of the previous sneaker features even though has made a major effort in giving it a fresh look.

A shark tooth design on the lateral midsole was a more graceful design on this edition as he got this design from the world war III fighter mustang planes. The Air sole statement was carried over from the former two sneakers in the Jordan tale. But the some add on features in this season was offset ankle collar for securing more flexibility and higher overall cuts.

 The color radians used for the shoes for unique as it was given Grape Purple and emerald colorway. It was the first time such colors are used on basketball shoes. It was a bitter time for the bulls but the sneakers yield bigger in the market. The shoes were retro multiple times in a three-year gap subsequently till 2018. The pair was also sold for a good amount of $10,000.