//The Story Of Air Jordan

The Story Of Air Jordan

Air Jordan brand has a royal tale rooted three decades back when it introduced its first shoes designed by Peter Moore in 1985 for professional basketball player Michael Jordan. Air Jordan was not much popular among the sneakerheads when it first stepped into the markets. Michael Jordan who was a player from his college days didn’t have any idea to be a part of renowned brand Nike in his future. His eyes were stuck on to the Adidas and Concord brand whose shoes he was wearing from the college days. But the two brands didn’t give much preference to the player. At this crucial time, Nike came up with a huge offer that any player could not expect in their days of games that is to design signature shoes and unique cloth line that will make him stand out from the other players. That was a big deal for Michael Jordan but the company has given Michael Jordan a big pressure through one of their clauses in the agreement that the shoes should get a gross profit of $3 million in the initial three years or Michael Jordan should enter into the NBA All-Star game. Midst of all this Michael Jordan signed the deal for a beefed up amount of $2.5 million.

Later in the grounds too the conditions were not favorable his shoes got a ban from the NBA commissioner David Stern as it has violated the uniformity of the uniform rule. The shoes didn’t meet the game rule of white color has it had a rebellious red and black blend. The situation didn’t stop Jordan from wearing the shoe for the game. But the NBA charged a fine of $5000 on Michael Jordan for wearing the shoes. Nike took advantage of the situation the brand paid the fine amount for Jordan. And made the move a marketing strategy for shoes in the market. They introduced the Air Jordan 1 in the label of banned and increased its marketing. In the end, it was a real fortune for Jordan as well as the brand. The shoes made more than the expected gross profit in the same year and Michael Jordan was voted to the NBA all-star game as a rookie player. There are still rumors spreading that actually, the shoes that got banned in the 1984 game was Nike Air Ship. Even if its Air Jordan 1 or Nike Airship it is what that gave a facelift for both the brand and Michael Jordan.

From there till present Air Jordan have brought enormous innovations in the basketball shoes as well as in the sports shoe industry. In each year they come up with the hand full of editions to excite its customers to its peak. The brand is all about comfort, style, performance, and fashion. The Jordan shoes are identified mainly by the Air Jordan logo.