//What is the correlation between Air Jordan and Michale Jordan?

What is the correlation between Air Jordan and Michale Jordan?

Michale Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He is also named in the list of 50 Great players in the history of National Basketball Association (NBA). In his career, Jordan received early attention; all the leading sports magazines and newspapers were talking about his averaged points and shootings.

Jordan played for Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. He accomplished many significant awards such as NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, Scoring Titles and many awards in his bag. Jordan also received “The Presidential Medal of Freedom” award from the President Barack Obama. He holds the record for highest career Regular Season Score Average, which is 30.12 and playoff score of 33.4 in a game. He played in two Olympics as well, “1992 The Dream Team” is famously called, it had the best players of all NBA players, and the rest of the world has no matchable team to the USA. Three times Jordan took retirement in his career. After his first retirement in 1993, he went to play baseball in a minor league, and he stated a reason that he lost the desire to play basketball and also his father’s dream. This news shock the world and basketball fans were causing the ripple in the basketball world.  During his baseball career, he played for “Chicago White Sox,” which a team is owned by the Chicago Bulls owner, Jerry Reinsdorf. Chicago Bulls honored Jordan by placing the sculpture “The Spirit,” outside the United Center (Home to Chicago Bulls) in the retirement ceremony of the number 23, Michale Jordan.

Chicago Bulls was losing matches without Jordan, and Bulls desperately needed help. Jordan gave a message to the media “I’m Back,” Jordan made the turn because he was afraid that he might be replaced. After returning from retirement, he started again playing for his old team Chicago Bulls in 1995; Jordan’s first match was against Indiana Pacers. Although he didn’t play for nearly two years, he played well above his average. He worked hard, practiced well and managed to come back to his form. “The Game 6 of 1998” was his big win after his return, with record Jordan’s sixth MVP award. Jordan announced his 2nd retirement in January 1999. After a year, Jordan came back to NBA as a President of Basketball Operation to the Washington Wizards team. Later, he started playing for Washington Wizards in 2003. He was only playing as a reserve player, with an average of 20 minutes in a game. On April 16th, 2003 he played his last game, scoring just 13 points Jordan headed to the bench. After his last game, the entire stadium gave him a standing ovation. Now also, Jordan is active in his sports activities like playing golf, and he is very active as an entrepreneur as well.

Jordan not only good at his basketball, but he also proved his talent in making deals and partnership with the many companies. He is the brand ambassador for Nike, Gatorade, Chevrolet and many famous companies. In his early career, Jordan was fined $5000 for the game, when every time he wears his colored Nike shoes. There was not enough white in his shoes, NBA commissioner stated that the shoe would have slight edginess in the game. Who would risk their career to market a shoe? On the other hand, which company takes the risk of investing in a young rookie? Well, The Nike took the risk and was very happy paying fines. When the entire team was wearing white Basketball shoes, Jordan was wearing Nike White/Red shoes. This led to many controversies and official debates in the basketball history. Jordan was offered a deal, in which he can earn seven million dollars in 5 years. Nike placed the bet and did apply all the theory of marketing, and it worked exceptionally well. By breaking few rules of NBA, combined with marketing, Nike launched its first Air Jordan 1 in 1985.

Air Jordan is a subsidiary company of Nike. Nike doesn’t directly manufacture any of Air Jordan shoes; instead, it gives the contract to manufacture, by supplying them with guidelines and procedure. Nike markets the Air Jordan shoes. The shoe initially designed by the American Designer “Tinker Linn Hatfield,” now he is the Vice President of Nike. The first Air Jordan 1 was produced for Michale Jordan to play basketball, and later released for public in 1985, and it made whooping $130 million revenue. The first shoe was selling at $65, and now it is more than $200. Now Jordan makes Hundreds of million a year, by basically owning shares in Air Jordan. This is the first reason Jordan signed the deal with Nike. Also, many other leading basketball players promote Air Jordan shoes. This is all happened by the power of branding. Jordan brand itself spikes a big crunch in a market. The cost of production is less than 10% of the market price, and outsourcing the manufacture to countries like China and Indonesia, makes the production cost smaller.

The latest Air Jordan was released on September 2017 “Air Jordan 32”. There are hundreds of brands released in the line of Air Jordan, Such as Defining Moments series, Countdown Packages, Jordan Fusion, Jordan Six Ring and many more. The Jumpman logo is used to promote Air Jordan shoes. It is inspired by the Silhouette of Michale Jordan, in which Jordan was performing the slam dunk. Earlier “Wings” logo was used, but Jumpman logo was introduced when releasing Air Jordan III.

The very first release of Jordan 1 was made several controversies, and Nike used very well for their marketing. The NBA remarked that “The Air Jordan 1 will have sight edginess”, this statement was turned into Nike’s marketing tactics. Jordan wore many of the “Air Jordan” shoes in the big game leading to huge marketing for Nike. Air Jordan was built on the success of Michale Jordan, undoubtedly. With the massive success of Jordan’s career as a basketball player and Jordan wearing “Air Jordan” shoes in big games, leads to the branding of “Air Jordan.” From the early basketball career of Michale Jordan as rising star, smashing records after records, winning hearts of millions and joining hands with Nike’s “Air Jordan” is such an inspiring story. It is projected that Air Jordan brand alone will boost to $4.5 Billion by the year 2020. Even if you consider five percent royalty, it will be more money than what he earned through his entire basketball career. Michale Jordan is the most luxurious sports person, even after 15 years of his retirement.