//Why was the toe cap removed from the Air Jordan 10?

Why was the toe cap removed from the Air Jordan 10?

Air Jordan 10 was initially released in 1995. We all know Nike and Jordan created the revolution in the sneaker, performance shoe industry. It was all started back in 1984 when Jordan offered a share in Nike’s market; in return, he will be an ambassador for Nike’s subsidiary “Air Jordan.” The first Air Jordan was released in 1985, and it was a massive hit. Subsequently, many models came after it, and Jordan wore many of them in this NBA match. It was the most successful release like any other Jordan models. The Air Jordan X was designed by “Tinker Hatfield,” now he the head of Design for Nike.

Michale Jordan announced his first retirement, and later Air Jordan 10 released; it all vanished in the market as soon as released. Jordan 10 came to market with Steel grey color, with an eye-catching “Jumpman” logo on sole. It is only one of that kind, with toe cap, makes it a unique one. The list of Jordan achievements can be seen at the bottom of the shoe, it caught the attention of kids, and so does everyone. Since the designer and everyone at the time thought Jordan is retired, Nike decided to list his achievements from 1985 to 1994 in the sole of “Air Jordan X.”
The original design came up with the toe cap. Many people liked the toe cap design in fact. Also, other people called it an ugly design, including Jordan himself. This made the designer “Tinker Hatfield” disappointed; all designer had in mind been to show the legacy of Jordan. Outsole with black and grey wavy design creates a fresh design. But, Jordan didn’t like the toe-cap, it was recalled as soon as Jordan disapproved it, and later it was re-designed called as Air Jordan 10 Retro, Shadow, Chicago, and many models. But none of the other models didn’t have the extra toe cap. The Air Jordan X is the legacy from 1985 to 1994.
The Steel colorways with toe cap are the rare addition since it was stopped as soon as it released, makes it the rare piece. Although Michale Jordan never wore this model in any of his NBA matches. The Jordan X, re-released in 2012 with lacing and toe is black, many called it “Zebra.” It was similar to original one, but with no toe cap, the outsole is a wavy design with the list of Jordan achievements.
The first release of Air Jordan 10 (X) didn’t catch many people eye, but later it was the masterpiece. Because of its uniqueness and legacy, people liked the design. The market sentiment was confident even the Jordan himself said “I didn’t like the toe cap”. This because of the sentiment, Jordan retirement announcement, made the history here. The Air Jordan 10 was a tribute to his achievements; it was never the question of design. This sentiment sparked with the Air Jordan X. After a year, Jordan returned to his old team “Chicago Bulls,” with the announcement “I’m Back” with his number 43 and Air Jordan X.