//Air Jordan Product Review

Air Jordan Product Review

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Air Jordan shoes are the subsidiary product line of Nike, created in the legacy of Michael Jordan. The first release came in 1985, it caught everyone eye when Michael Jordan wore in the NBA match. Air Jordan is the best sneakers in the shoe industry. There are 32 different types of design released in the market. Choosing the design is up to you, but we will help you find out more about the Jordan shoes, colorways, and design.





Air Jordan I

Air Jordan I

Air Jordan I is the first shoe released by Nike and design by Peter Moore. In 1984, Michael Jordan wore this shoe in the NBA Match, eventually, NBA fined Jordan for wearing this shoe because it lacks white color in it. Later, Air Jordan I released in different colorways like Chicago, Black toe, Shadow and many more.  Chicago colorways are the one of the highest sold in the series, it has only released four times till now. It came with compliment 3 colorways laces.

Air Jordan I released as “Retro” in 1994, it hit the market with $80 (£60) but it didn’t go well. Air Jordan I again released as retro’s in 2001, 2013 and 2017. Currently Air Jordan I Retro available for $55 (£42) to $5000 (£4000) depends on the model and colorways.


Release Name: Nike Air Jordan

Release Year: 1985

Retail Price: $65

Ankle support, Wings on sides,

Re-release: 1994 with different colorways

The main design came along is High and Low. The high provides extra ankle support to avoid injuries. Air Jordan Low is released in late 1985. Many preferred low’s for daily use it is comfortable.

Many Air Jordan models come with history and legacy of Jordan. For example, Air Jordan Retro I Armed Forces Military was released in tribute to Michael Jordan’s brother Ronnie Jordan who served in armed forces. The “Doernbecher” was designed by Tony Taylor, and it is released for charity. More than half a million was donated by Nike to charity foundation “Doernbecher Freestyle”. Some of the pairs are country-specific, China and Japan only, which is hard to find in the USA. The original Jordan 1 was released with many colorways, in which white is the primary color. Air Jordan 1 ‘Homage to Home’ released in May 2018 with a price tag of $160 (£135).

Air Jordan I collections can be worn with matching T-shirts and Jeans. Skinny jeans would be a perfect combination of High Jordan’s. A black suit and perfectly matching colorways would be ideal. The classic Jordan’s will sync to jeans naturally.

Air Jordan II

The uniqueness of Air Jordan II is that it is made in Italy. Jordan II was released in 1986/87 with a retail price tag of $100. It was released in Eminem, Just Don additions still it is one of the highest price tags on it. “The Legends Of Summer addition” specially designed for Jay-Z and Timberlake has whooping price $10000 on eBay. Regular colorways are at the cost $85 and above. The “Doernbecher” was also released in Air Jordan II as a Limited release.


Release Name: Air Jordan II

Release Year: 1986-1987

Retail Price: $100 (£75)


Re-release: 1994, 2004–2005, 2008, 2010, 2014–2017

Air Jordan II is designed for comfort. It is the first in Jordan series without Swoosh.

Air Jordan III

Michael Jordan was all set to leave Nike, But This Jordan 3 changed his mind. Thanks to Tinker Hatfield, now head of Design for Nike and designer of Air Jordan III. In 1988, Michael Jordan wore it in Slam Dunk Contest. Air Jordan III is the first Mid-Top in the Jordan series. Now Jordan 3 available on the market for $50 (£40) and higher depends on the colorways. The “Oregon Pit Crew” Duck design, is the highest price tag of $5000 (£4000) above, create to honor the “Pit Crew” students.


Release Name: Air Jordan III

Release Year: 1987-88

Retail Price: $65 (£50)

Re-release: Till now different colorways released occasionally

Michael Jordan and Spike Lee friendship begin with Air Jordan III when Spike Lee’s film “Do the Right Thing” poster matched with Jordan III colorways in 2006. The Black History Month (BHM) colorways released for the 35th anniversary. Many limited edition colorways like BHM III, Stealth, and True Blue were released.

Air Jordan IV

The four colorways designed by Tinker Hatfield, release to market for the first time in 1989. This Jordan 4 was worn by Michael Jordan himself in the famous 5 series game-winning shot called “The Shot”.  The game was between Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers, to honor “The Shot”, Cavalier colorways (Cavs) released in 2012. Currently, Jordan 4 series available for $70 (£55) in the market and price always depends on colorways. The Eminem series is the highest price tag in the Air Jordan IV. Spike Lee featured Jordan 4 in his movie “She Gotta Have It”, Michael Jordan and Lee released Spiz’ike to honor their friendship.


Release Name: Air Jordan IV


Release Year: 1989

Retail Price: $65 (£50)

Re-release: Till now different colorways released occasionally

As of today, the latest colorways released are Oreo and Cement colorways. Air Jordan IV “Eminem x Carhartt x” is sold for whopping $20000. With only 50 pairs in 2017, “Air Jordan IV Eminem Encore” was  made to Eminem close circle to celebrate the anniversary of “Encore Album”

Air Jordan V

Air Jordan V released in 1990, design by Tinker Hatfield. The new look of Air Jordan V came from the basic design of Air Jordan IV. Metallic, Grape and Fire red was the initial colorways. With the price tag $310 (£230) and 3M features in black lace & midsole, DMP II colorways released.



Release Name: Air Jordan V

Release Year: 1990

Retail Price: $125 (£90)

Re-release: Till now different colorways released occasionally

The designer Tinker Hatfield inspired by the fighter planes of World War II and implemented in the designs. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, popular American sitcom used Air Jordan V in their show. In the honor, they released the Bel-Air version in 2013.